[root] Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock 1.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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There are so many different mobile phones that are available in stores but most of those phones are sold with certain functions that are locked, even when you buy them at full price. Being able to unlock them gives you more benefits and you can do so using the Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM unlock.

When you use the Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM unlock you will be able to unlock your SIM card within just a few moments. This tool works by finding the specific unlock code that is required in order to unlock your SIM card.

When you unlock your mobile phone you will be able to access many features that you cannot when it is locked and you will have full administration abilities. The Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM unlock will work with the Samsung Galaxy S2 model.

Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM unlock code finder

This program finds the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) GT-I9100 device. It requires root / superuser.

Simply install the app, hit the "SIM unlock code" button, wait a few minutes, and it should come up with the code. It can indeed take a while, so plug your phone in the charger before running, and go make yourself a cup of coffee.

Write down the code, turn off your device, insert a SIM that doesn't match your SIM lock, turn the device on again, and enter the code when the device asks for it.

If the code does not work, do NOT try it again. You might end up with a freeze. The app can also find the unfreeze code, but if the SIM unlock code was wrong ... :)

If it helped you, donate to me and/or Odia (who "invented" the method for finding the code)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes it says the unlock was unsuccessful. However after a reboot you may still find yourself unlocked. So try rebooting first and actually TESTING if the device is locked or unlocked :)


System Requirements:

No special requirements

[root] Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock 1.0 Free Download screenshot